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Do's & Dont's
Do’s & Dont’s is one of the most important factors for landing you in a job, is your resume. It is the first impression about you that a potential employer has from your resume. Therefore, your resume must capture the employer's attention within 30 seconds, as he has so many resumes to see. Please remember that although your resume does not get you the job but it gets you the interview. It is only after the interview one gets the job.
Here are some helpful tips regarding resume writing :
  • Keep it concise but mention all the details relevant to the job.
  • Your work experience must be mentioned in detail along with the machinery, tools, systems etc. that you have handled or are familiar with.
  • Leave spaces between your experiences for easy reading.
  • Use a logical order or arrangement to make it easy to follow and read.
  • List your education first.
  • Always mention your telephone number for easy accessibility.
  • Avoid verbose language, poor grammar, spelling errors, overuse of the same, adjectives or verbs.
  • Keep the description clear and to the point.
  • Use a laser printer and traditional type fonts like Times-Roman, Arial or Palatino. Align your resume properly. Headings should advisably be in bold.
  • Qualify and quantify what you have to offer to the organization.
  • Avoid personal information like height, weight etc.
  • Print your resume on a conventional A4 size white paper.
  • Be honest about the job duties and never stretch your accomplishments.
  • Keep the resume employer centered.
  • Be prepared to back up all your resume notations with proof at the time of interview.
  • Do not clutter your resume with too much unnecessary information.
  • Do not lie about your experience or accomplishments. If the boss finds out that you have fabricated your experience and accomplishments, you could land yourself in a problem after hiring.
Please keep the following in mind when going for an interview :
In order to make the best impression on your interviewers and leave a lasting impression on them following guidelines could be helpful :
  • Please ensure that you are punctual.
  • Brushing teeth and arriving with fresh breath/ good hygiene
  • Neatly arranged hairstyle
  • Clean and conventional dress shoes
  • Small amount / not gaudy jewellery
  • Clean and neat fingernails
  • Appropriate amount of cologne or perfume
  • Do not have gum, candy, or other matter in your mouth
  • No obvious and inappropriate body piercing other than single ear piercing for women
  • No visible tattoos
Recommend that :
  • Please feel comfortable and confident about your chances throughout the job application process.
  • Dress up more conservatively than you would usually dress on an average day. Please do not show up at the interview in a pair of jeans, t-shirt, and tennis shoes.
  • Prior to the interview please research about the organization, its products, subsidiaries, if any, and the turnover.
  • A well developed resume will get you an interview, but a successful interview is the key to getting the job.
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